João de Carvalho Milone

Game Developer

About Me

Currently working as an Unity Game Developer @Pipa Studios and @CrossBlack Studios as an Indie Game Dev!
I've always enjoyed the experiences that entertainment media provide and among them, games are one of my favorites. And now being part of this world is like making a child's dream come true. My goal is always to contribute and gain as much experience and knowledge as possible.


- UNESP - Bauru: Bachelor of Information Systems, (2017 - 2021) - Bauru, São Paulo - Brazil
- ETEP - High school + Technical course - Computer IT Course, (2012 - 2015) - São José dos Campos, São Paulo - Brazil


- Programming (C#/Java/SQL) - Advanced
- Unity Development - Advanced
- Publishing Apps & Games (iOS and Android) - Advanced
- Sound Mixing - Intermediate
- Video Editing - Intermediate

Professional Experience

Unity Game Developer - Pipa Studios: (June/2021 - Current)
Contributing to the Praia Bingo Tropical and Bingo Rex development team, helping to create new features and new games for both projects.

Indie Game Developer - CrossBlack Studios: (2017 - Current)
Development and publication of casual games (+15 games), 2D and 3D, for iOS and Android. With +1 million downloads around the world. Monetization raised through the implementation of AdMob and IAP of digital items within the games.

Programmer and Developer - LADEPPE - Research and Educational Products Dev Lab: (2018 - 2020) - Bauru, São Paulo - Brazil
Development of several applications for graduate students in Teaching for Basic Education at UNESP Bauru. The projects involved everything from educational games to applications to help the teacher in the classroom.

Internship - nG Solutions - Telecommunications Solutions: (2015) - São José dos Campos, São Paulo - Brazil
Remote antenna configuration to expand 4G coverage to different regions of Brazil.

Recent Work

Escape Room Game!

Escape Room game where you are trapped inside a house and need to find tips and clues to solve the puzzles and escape! Available for PC and Mobile

GitHub || Jogar (PC) || Android || iOS 2 -The Game

Casual Game, where you control a small tornado, which grows as it consumes bigger and bigger objects. It is also possible to compete with other tornadoes controlled by AI.

Trailer || Android || iOS

Virus - The Game

2D arcade arena style game, the objective of which is to escape and destroy the viruses that will appear and chase you across the map. Make upgrades and collect different types of power ups to survive.

Trailer || Android || iOS

Motor Mayhem! - Vehicle Warfare

Arena style arcade game where your mission is to survive the different types of enemies. As the days go by, enemies get stronger and stronger.

Trailer || Android || iOS

Simple Mobile UI Inputs

Development of an UI InputSystem for mobile, ready to work with buttons and joysticks. Can be used for different types of games. Available @AssetStore and @GitHub!

Trailer || AssetStore || GitHub
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